Umpire Information

The following are Umpires/Associations for hire:

Medina DL “Blues” group is comprised of adult umpires from the area and is named after Attorney Dave Layton, former college player/member. The group has been in existence for 15 years and is highly regarded for its professionalism and “love of the game”. The group does both baseball/softball in the various communities of Medina County. For further information, contact Umpire-in-Chief, Brian Mog at 440.263.0360 or bjmog517@yahoo.comcreate new email .

Diamond Umpires Association:

Based out of Brunswick, Ohio, we are a group of approximately 100 umpires, averaging 9 years of experience in both baseball and fastpitch softball. We are an OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) accredited association, and most of our umpires have obtained their OHSAA certification.

Our members umpire for many northeast Ohio high school teams and through the Summer and Fall for all age groups and all skill levels. We have umpired as as association many premier tournaments, both national and international, as well as recreational season schedules.

For more information, contact Tim McGoldrick at 440.570.5407.